WrApz Highway Polarised Golf Sunglasses Matte Black Colour Lightweight Metal Frame with Smoke Grey Lens – FREE Microfibre Polishing Pouch

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The WrApz 38000 Highway is an exciting new style designed in the UK for the new 2014 range of WrApz Eyewear

The WrApz range of sunglasses offer attributes normally associated with higher priced glasses and are designed in the UK for both Sport and leisure.

The lightweight Metal (30g) frame is excellent for those who wish to wear their glasses for a long period.
With sprung hinges (to allow over extensiopn without spraining hinge) the frame ensures comfort with no pressure points which eliminates irritation and headaches.

The Highway has a decentered optically correct 1.1mm Polarised lenses. This means the lens has the the optical centre positioned in front of your eye rather than in the centre of the physical lens. This means you are looking through the perfect sweet spot of the lens, hence the name “decentered”. This technology is rarely found in eyewear at this incredible price.


“WrApz® is a UK based eyewear brand established in 2013. It’s mission is to become a globally recognised eyewear brand by developing quality sports eyewear that both looks and feels good for all year round use at affordable prices”

Visit the WrApz® Eyewear homepage for more information: www.wrapzeyewear.com

De-centered, Distortion Free Optically Correct Polarised Lens

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