John Jacobs - The Full Swing [DVD]

John Jacobs DVD - The Full SwingIn This Programme John Jacobs, "doctor Golf", Looks at the Grip, Club Face Alignment, Set-up, Clubhead Path, Posture, Angle of Attack, Backswing and Downswing."John Jacobs' logic is unarguable and his reasoning so...

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Golf Instruction

Best Golf instruction Blog: This golf instruction blog Will help you get the best golf help, we feel it's an extremely informative golf blog. The author takes things from personal life and how to remain healthy utilizing it and giving players better...

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501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot (501 Excuses)

501 excuses for a bad golf shot gives you the list of lists to get you ahead of your golfing buddies, the ideal gift for a golf nut having a bad day, beat your buddies to the best reason for that bad shot, duff, missed chip and wild putt hands down.

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